Books and Scripts

There are single scripts and groups of scripts put together in a series. My scripts are available for rental if you wish to perform or direct any; you must contact me beforehand and get permission first. The only scripts that are royalty-free are monologues in 72 Silly and Short Monos for Kids, and the scripts in Short Scripts for 2-3 Kids and Short Scripts for 4-6 Kids

Some books and scripts are e-books only and some are in both formats.

They can be purchased at Smashwords (e-books only), Amazon (both formats), and other e-book venues.


And there's only one book that doesn't have anything to do with scripts. It's a Young Adult fantasy, e-book only.

There is a picture book - The Decorated Moose Award - currently in process. 


Click HERE to see all the titles of the books and of the scripts.

Children's plays to rent: click HERE for descriptions.