Other Performances for Adults

  • The Boor- Set in the 19th century, this 25-min. romantic comedy puts two fiery personalities together. She is a recent widow of an unkind man determined to prove to her deceased husband she knows how to love. He has been on a three-day journey to collect a debt and is in no mood for pleasantries. The duel of moods has begun!

  • OUT LOUD: Mime & Monologues on Stage- A delightful comedy show of miming and monologuing - where some mimers talk and some talkers don't. People-isms - funny things people say, do and experience - is the focus. The show runs 60-75 minutes.

  • Reader's Theater- Using The Boor and original radio theater scripts, we enthrall listeners for 30 minutes with this little piece of entertainment.

  • The Talking Mime- An oxymoron for sure, but it’s an interesting way to communicate. Mime sketches and monologues are interwoven for a look at some of the funny and fascinating doings of people of different ages, occupations, and hobbies. The show runs 25 minutes.