Rentable Scripts
TITLES Approx running Time in min. # in cast description
Annual Conference of the Genii in Regards to the Peculiar World of Humans, The  28 5 male, 5 female, 16 either, doubling possible. Based on several stories from the Arabian Nights, the Genii have come to tell the stories of some of the humans they’ve met. As they tell the stories, they also become characters in their own stories.
At the Zoo 35 1 female, 22 either, doubling possible. The Penguin has escaped his enclosure again. Zookeepers are trying to find him. Other animals try to help him while reacting to the humans both kind and not-so-kind
Beanstalk Stories, The* 30 4 male, 6 female, 16 either, doubling possible. The Sage moves the audience through two stories based on giant beanstalks. Storyline 1 is Jack and the Beanstalk, almost the same story that’s been around for centuries. Storyline 2 is More Than Berries about Kassidy who goes into the forest to find berries but discovers a picnic at the top of a giant beanstalk
Boxes * 26 18 male, 18 female, doubling possible. When groups of children go outside by order of their parents, they’re not sure what to do. But when each group stumbles upon some boxes, the imaginations soar.
Bremen Town Musicians, The  ** 35 22 either, doubling possible This classic tale from Germany is about four animals who have grown old and would soon be put to death so they ran away from their farms. They meet and decide to become musicians in Bremen Town. On their way there, they run into a group of thieves hiding in the forest. 
But Why? 35 6 male, 1 female, 24 either, doubling possible A child keeps asking the one-word question, “Why?” The parent answers as best they can. But in hopes of not being flooded by whys, the parent tells the child two African tales: Why Do Sun and Moon Live in the Sky and Why Are Fire and Rain Enemies.
Crows and the Coral Snake Eggs, The ** 35 9 male, 11 female, many of the parts can be either, doubling possible. Crow Families are going about their ordinary business with the kids going off to school and the parents working at home. When the mail comes, the parents get a notice, warning them about the poisonous coral snake and the children get a review about it. When the warning caw comes, will the little crows remember what to do?
Empress's New Clothes** 40 3 female, 20 either, doubling possible. Empress Zeta absolutely must have the best, most fashionable clothes around. It keeps her ladies-in-waiting and her people hopping. Some sly swindlers come up with a fashion scam to take some of Zeta’s money. It’s the children who tell Zeta the truth about her own vanity. 
Everybody Knows That * about 45 2 male, 5 female, 11 either, doubling possible. Princess Ada realizes that everyone knows things that she just doesn't know. So she strikes out to learn for herself. When she comes upon Alexandria Dragon playing in mud puddles, Ada starts to realize that perhaps the people don't know what they think they know. 
Fables * (international) 45 3 male, 4 female, 14 either, doubling possible. Three fables from around the world are retold in this play: The Boy Who Cried Wolf (fable of Aesop); Armadillos in the Road, an original Texas fable; and The Foolish Lion and the Clever Rabbit (from India).
Fairy Tales; Tairy Fales* 25 6 male, 7 female, 12 either, doubling possible. What a mixed-up show! Prince Charming cannot find the perfect girl. Little red riding hood? No. It’s little red baseball cap. A narrator can’t keep the words straight for Back and the Jeanstalk but meeps kixing them up. And the audience participates in The Three Little Pigs.
Four Fables of Aesop (no songs)/ Three Fables* Four: 40  Three: 27 Four Fables: 1 female, 24 either, doubling possible. Three Fables: 1 female, 18 either, doubling possible This play starts with Anthula, a Greek girl, just returned from the marketplace. There, a man named Aesop told some exciting stories. She’s confused about the morals, so she tells the stories to the audience who sees them unfold before them.
It Could'a Been * 28 11 male, 11 female, 8 either, doubling possible There are three short tall tales in this play: Johnny Appleseed, Sal Fink, Febold Feboldson. Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees then gave saplings to pioneers. Sal Fink worked a keelboat & was called the Mississippi Screamer because of her loud yell. Febold watched lots of pioneers head west but he was alone on the plains & had an idea to get some new neighbors.
It's Elementary ** 26 3 male, 8 female, 8 either, doubling possible. This mini-musical has a missing class pet and a lot of would-be detectives in the class. They have to question suspects, look for clues, and chase the thief. 
Just So, It Happened * 35 2 male, 2 female, 28 either, doubling possible Based on Rudyard Kipling's “How the Elephant Got His Trunk” and “How the Camel Got His Hump”. The curious young elephants are disturbing everyone in the forest with their non-stop questions. The camel is being lazy and all the other animals must work harder because of it. 
Magical Factual Planet Pursuit 35 5 male, 7 female, 12 either, doubling possible Mel is having a horrible day. Her teacher assigned a science report that’s due tomorrow.  Fairy Godfather is having a hard time too as he looks for someone to help, following notes that Fairy Godmother gave him. To top it off, the wand is fussy so when FG takes Mel to a ball, they land on a planet.
Ruby Lou and the White Gold Saloon 35 10m. 15f. (some can be either), Extras. Ruby Lou and the rest of the town only drink White Gold (except for three people who drink Black Gold without a straw); it’s the best thing west (and east, some say) of the Mississippi. A stranger comes to town with Purple Nugget for everyone to try and he won’t take “no” for an answer. 
Tall Tale - The Adventures of Pecos Bill * 35 5 male, 5 female, 16 either, doubling possible. In the wild Southwest, Pecos Bill trains the Lawless Canyon gang to be cowboys & cowgirls so Texas can become respectable, while the Longhorns enjoy a little relaxation.  
Tall Tale - The Encounters of Paul Bunyan * 35 1 male, 23 either, doubling possible Paul Bunyan is a giant of a man who logs for a living. After Paul signs on a crew, they find a spot to camp so they can get to work the next day. Unfortunately, they have Troubles following them.
Tall Tale - The Legend of Annie Christmas * 35 14 male, 13 female, doubling possible Annie Christmas, an African-American woman, is the strongest, toughest keelboat person around, making a living hauling goods up and down the Mississippi. In her hometown of New Orleans, she’s something of a hero—she doesn’t let bullies bother decent folk. 
Three-3-lll * 40 3 male, 5 female, 22 either, doubling possible. In these tales of three, the three pigs must outsmart three wolves; the three billy goats Gruff have three trolls to deal with (and one of the goats is female so she’s Betty Goat Gruff); and the three bears face Goldilocks and her sisters Curlilocks and Purplelocks. 
Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal, The ** 28 20 either, doubling possible The tiger is trapped in a cage and begs a passing Brahmin to release him and promises not to eat the Brahmin. The Brahmin kindly releases the tiger who wants to eat him. The Brahmin thinks this isn’t fair but it takes a jackal’s wisdom to solve the problem.
Tortoise and a Hare in Africa, A 55 33 male or female, doubling possible The Tortoise and the Hare in this play are not like those in Aesop’s fable. In Tortoise and Baboon, Baboon is quite the prankster. When he tricks Tortoise twice in one day, Tortoise waits for the perfect opportunity to trick Baboon. All the animals in Why the Hare Has No Tail have short tails. When the Cheetahs bring a message from King Lion that he is going to give everyone a new tail, they’re excited, but poor Hare doesn’t want to go out in the rain.
Treasure Island 35 8m. 1f. 16 either, Extras, Doubling possible This play for children to perform is humorously based on the book by Robert Louis Stevenson. As Poly-Narrator says, “This here presentation of Treasure Island is based on the book by Robert Louis Stevenson. Do you know what it means when a performance is said to be based on the book? Not much, that’s what.” Well-known characters are still part of the play: Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, & pirates!
Tremendous Traveling Melodrama, The * 30 9 m. 10 f. 6 Either (many roles can be changed to be either) This play is about a traveling performing troupe that has come to town. The owners get everyone organized; the actors make some changes; the stagehands go spread the word through town; and the townspeople arrive. What a show as the villains take on the heroes and the vaudevillians perform in between acts.
When Elvy Caught the Rainbow** 25 2 male, 3 female, 15 or 21 either (there are 6 Colors but this group can be doubled, so 12 Colors possible) A modern tall tale about a creative young girl. Elvy and her friends wonder how they’re going to have fun since it’s raining. Then Elvy has an inspired idea: she is going to climb a rainbow, which makes the Colors upset.  But even the Colors have fun, when the people have a rainball fight.
(*=2-3 songs in the play, with the beginning and ending ones usually being the same)      
(**=4+ songs in the play)