Interactive Murder Mysteries

In our comedic murder mysteries, two performers play the main characters and every person in the audience plays the other characters, and even may be implicated in the crime. But don’t worry because parts are easy, with group parts and single character parts relying on a single phrase from one of the actors to which the audience replies with one line. Before the solution is revealed, audience members get the chance to write down who they think did it. Perfect for company events, private parties, teen nights, family reunions and whenever a group wants to have fun.

Although, the murder mysteries are for adults, they are clean. If you really wanted to, you could bring your Victorian-loving friend.


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Other Performances for Adults

More Good Clean Fun: A Reader's Theater in which the actors are seated and "act out" a play just using their voices with a lot of FLAIR. The Boor is a 25-min, 19th century, romantic comedy. Out Loud: Mime and Monologues On Stage-A delightful comedy show of miming and monologuing. The Talking Mime, an oxymoron, but it's an interesting way to communicate. 


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Children's Entertainment

Foster a love for the arts and creativity in young minds with our Interactive Children’s Plays. We use children in the audience to become part of the story, encouraging active participation and imaginative play. Through captivating characters and narratives, our children’s plays spark wonder and learning, making it an ideal choice for schools, libraries, and community events that seek to engage and entertain young audiences of 5-11 years old.

We also have special characters that can visit children on birthdays, holidays (Easter, Christmas), and other special occasions.


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More Theater for Children

We run classes for a variety of ages and a variety of theater forms. We direct plays with children 6-11 years old and youth as well. Once a month or every other month, we post a monologue for kids to enjoy.


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